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"Philosophy" is termed as the father of all the subjects. Philosophers are the software engineers of the human mind. Similarly, "Psychology" could well be called the mother of all subjects. Psychologists offer technical support to the philosophers, rather, the systems analyst
of the human mind.

Every era has a philosophy and psychology. When philosophy changes psychology also changes. There was an era where neither did philosophy exist and nor did code of conduct. The ways of man, that is to say, his philosophies and psychology, were absolutely in tune with the nature. Survival of the fittest was nature, not the law. Weak did perish, but the weak never suffered. That era saw man kill man.

With the evolution of man, his inventive mind, in search of larger truths, to aid him in understanding his own mind and universe, learned the art of controlling his own mind, and the minds of others of his kind as well as the several other species of the universe. He did research after research to understand human and animal emotions, and learnt the skills of all the other species. He started culturing
human minds to accept the code of conduct to establish peace and harmony. Man chose to stand at the helm of affairs and to take a leading position with the attitude that he knew every thing about this universe. He exploited the situation by inducing fear into those whom he thought not willing to accept the code of conduct.

All parents give their child their own interpretation about life which they have learned from their parents, masters, gurus or holy

Today it seems to be the trend, never to say, “I DON'T KNOW". Everybody acts as if he knows everything, but many a times knows nothing at all. Few wise men say’s "GOD KNOWS". Do you realize that the meaning of both these expressions is the same?

You ask a doctor about any disease today, he will never say I do not know. You ask a lawyer about a law, he will never say I do not know. You ask a priest about God and he will give you his own authentic fundamentals.
You ask your parents about anything, they always have an answer. Is there any one who does not know?
The truth is we think we know too many things, but we do not know that we know very little.

Thinkers with the desire to know everything about life and God, reach a destination called "enlightenment", where they realize that realizing everything about life and death is impossible. At this stage, one has
two options- either become conscious about self as you are nothing greater than the other, or else, one can get highly

manipulative, to achieve ones own desire or dream status.

Inventive thinkers are mostly philanthropic and some perverts can become makers of bombs or become bombs themselves that is human bombs or deadly manipulators.

Law makers should be true philosophers as well as psychologists who believe in values. Unfortunately, it is the nasty manipulators who have undertaken this task and play the game of law making, in reality it is the game of breaking laws of nature.

There was an era of philosophy of duty and correctness. During this era, it was the accepted code of conduct, to fight for justice. Even in the processes of fighting the unjust that are mighty, the code of conduct is to be observed. But it was not easy to fight the mighty by accepting code of conducts of the war. So in the process to establish
justice, code of conduct of the war is broken, mighty is destroyed, peace is achieved after destruction. The representative of this philosophy is Krishna who is considered clever and righteous. Even today there are many philosophers who propagate being clever is the
only way to rule. Krishna agreed to extend forgiveness, one hundred times, to his cousin, even though that very same cousin was insulting Krishna at every opportunity. But he took his cousin's head off on the 101st time. The reason? Krishna had warned his cousin, but that cousin had crossed the limit. Forgiveness was not to be taken for granted.

Then there was an era of philosophy, which figured out means to culture the humans with the ideology of love and forgiveness so as to establish peace. This is of course a fairly scientific philosophy though we may not realize it. This philosophy was well presented by
Jesus Christ but it wasn't easy to establish peace…as many would still break the code of conduct. The Bible has tried its very best to take the same message as is held in the Vedas and Upanishads to the common man,
Institutionalised the idea of parting knowledge to common man.

Jesus Christ says forgiveness at all times is possible. During this era man was asked to believe that god has a separate entity which is one superior to man.

Then came an era of correctness well propagated by the Prophet. During this money was invented as the medium of exchange so as to make trade easy from a system of barter which was too difficult to practice. Clever traders started hoarding. Hoarding was considered the biggest sin, Hoarders are considered as great sinners. Lending is considered evil. During this era fights for the sake of women and wealth were common. As there was shortage of men, it was obligatory for men to take care of many women in that era. Islam has been another attempt to take Vedas and Upanishads to the common man. "Punishment for the defaulter of the code of conduct" is the belief in the holy books of Islam. Even in Vedas and Upanishads it's believed that there are ten good effects of a punishment.
Rama’s philosophy and prophets philosophy was more or less same as both ideologies believed in punishment for those who broke the code of conduct.

The code of conduct was made stricter by segregating man and woman as different species and to be treated with different yardsticks. It's difficult to achieve harmony when a girl child and boy child is offered a different degree of self esteem living in the same house. The child who grows in an atmosphere of love, affection, security, and value education will grow up as a happy child, later grows to be a wise man or a wise woman, who will again contribute happiness to his or her surroundings.
The child that grows in an atmosphere of lack of attention, starvation, insecurity, hatred and sadness will turn out be a human bomb if brain washed by the nasty philosophers.

Danger today is, the two holy ideologies, which are the offshoot of the same Vedas and Upanishads and are dividing the world because, few people have not gone to the depth of the ideology. Peace is possible only by the ideology of co-existence of man and woman in harmony.
Thinkers or Philosophers of the world need to think of ways and means to create mutual trust between Man and Woman.

In the animal world all parents together make sure that there offspring is well protected till they reach an age that they are independent. The instincts are intact. They learn nature's way of life, which is never secured, they learn to remain fit and alert and they survive.

We humans are trying to replace values in place of instincts. But the dangerous thing is that, some of the humans neither have instincts nor values and skills. It’s very sad, to see some one who has given up instincts to accept values or culture, or code of conduct with out skills.

Man without any instincts or a skill in any field is like Man robbed of his tools of survival. Such a man has only two options, either become a thief or become a beggar or slave. Generally thieves without the instincts will get
caught and he will go behind bars, or he will get killed by his own pear group. This is the biggest irony of civilization.

Some where down the line due to lack of freedom for the child to be inventive in his outlook to dream of happy world is the missing link in most parts of civilization. If you have any desire to see the future world happy “RAISE HAPPY CHILDREN". Give them their play, food, health, love, education and security.

Peace is possible only by the ideology of co-existence of man and woman in harmony. Thinkers or Philosophers of the world need to think of ways and means to create mutual trust between Man and Woman….not
man controlling woman. This is the main issue which is keeping the world divided. Man is given the position of advantage in the institution of the marriage, that he is the head of the family because he is emotionally weaker when compared to woman and he is supposed to be the bread winner of the family as he is physically stronger. There
are a few men who take undue advantage of the given situation, and a few women who take advantage of her emotional superiority. This is the sole cause for conflict.

When no harmony is found in the house, he finds ways and means to go out and fight to take his frustration out. All he needs is a reason to fight. Any one can manipulate such a man to do any task, by brainwashing him to think that he is a hero willing to die for any cause. When the child's share of love, affection, food, education, clothing and
security is not offered, there is a big possibility that he can be manipulated to become a human bomb.

Encourage your child to learn what he or she wants to learn, not what you want to teach him. This freedom to learn some thing of the child's choice will result in inventive thinking and a scientific temperament.
Research products of agriculture, industrial products and services, health related products and services, education related products and services entertainment related products and services , new games and sports related products, new food delivery mechanisms, newer kinds of
shelter, newer ways to travel, new ways of holidays ,new ways to celebrate ,new methods of governance where whole human civilization is active being useful during the day and relax in the evening and entertain one another with help and be helped and establishing interdependence as the way of life, will be the outcome of such an
approach in up bring of your children in a happy atmosphere . New ideas are the result of freedom. If we need change for the better, it's only possible through your child .
Treat your child as "God of the future".

That does not mean that you treat your self as a door mat. Live and let live. Expect and tell your children to take care of you in your old age. Teach them the give and take formula. Teach them the benefit of interdependence.

It's not at all difficult to offer the freedom to a child, to express, to make mistakes, to explore nature, to do some thing useful, learn values of his choice from any culture or civilization.

Giving” is what is in our control, teach them to give there best in anything they do or give, product or service, the best quality that is possible.

Governance should establish standards but that will not
ensure quality unless it happens voluntarily. Quality consciousness is the only scientific way to get rich. This consciousness is the real wealth of any man, family, community, corporation, country or the world itself.

This "Quality conscious" quality is the only way to benefit the entire society. Quality consciousness is the missing link for degeneration of many societies, as the invention of medium of exchange, which is the money, which confused the whole civilization to focus on money.

Money is believed to be the God today, which is
utter nonsense; it’s only a medium of exchange.
Just understand barter system where quality product is exchanged with another quality product. That is still the truth. Higher quality products or service will command higher value exchange, now that is money. Encourage high
quality products and services particularly new products. Demand better quality always. Demand better service always. Demand something new.Complain about poor quality at every stage. Keep in mind improvement
in quality of life is the way of civilization. We can't go back to the jungle. We need to look forward only.

Quality" is the real God of wealth. Quality in every area and every action of life is the idea of greatness of the land and philosophy.
When you get rated as good in quality, you can never be poor. Everybody will simply love you and admire you for that quality in life.

We need to change our focus from money to quality. If this idea is well taught to the world then you will have everything world class.

Most parents advice there children to get rich but fail to teach them the art of giving and quality giving which is the sole criteria to receive some thing in return that's gratitude, good will ,or money. If the focus shifts to receiving then quality takes the back seat, end result is that, you are poor. Quality consciousness is the only scientific way to get rich or wealthy.

You can't achieve quality if you don't understand sharing. Sharing is the art of being happy. Sharing of knowledge, Skills, education, ideas, health programs and time to the needy will result in purity of emotions and high quality in every walk of life becomes a natural character and you are rated as evolved or developed. Let all parts of the land and civilisations learn the art of quality. Its already
happening in a small way… happy!!

Dear fellow-being,

I would like to share the most sacred secret of
life, how you can grow with "health wealth and happiness".

You are a Soul with a name, blessed with three gifts, three duties and three rewards from the nature.

BODY, MIND and TIME are your three gifts.

CARE, USE and SHARE are your three duties that you are required to fulfil towards your gifts

HEALTH WEALTH AND HAPPINESS are your three rewards for the duties that you have performed.

This knowledge is an open offer to one and all of the universe. If you are curious to understand this formula well, read your own holy book, Bible, Quran, Geetha, Grantha or any other holy books .All the holy books on this planet teach you the same formula, how to take care of
your body, mind and time to be physically and mentally healthy, how to use your body mind and time for a good cause with your talents and be wealthy and finally how to share and relate your body, mind and time with rest of the world, for you to be happy. To upgrade your
consciousness still better, read all the holy books if possible.

Health, education, knowledge of quality consciousness, experience, skills, relationships, confidence, trust, and good will is powerful forms of wealth and lastly paper money is the medium in which we trade value and wealth.

Unfortunately the focus on paper money has become the target of greedy and manipulative which is a deadly decease of the universe.

Let the powerful forms of wealth be yours, so paper money will also add comforts and value to you. You are called a wealthy man.

Only paper money with out powerful forms of wealth you are still considered a poor man.

This is the sole secret to unite the world by universalising
consciousness of life by revealing the truth of life as a mystery and it will remain a mystery. Birth life and death will remain a mystery.

Universe is a huge mystery and knowledge that humans possess is just very little. Our knowledge is limited to our solar system. When you look at the sky during the night you will realise that there are a million solar systems.

I hope philosophers all over the world will unite to this noble cause to heal the divided emotions of this world by not being rigid about code of conduct with death punishments. Forgiveness with measures to rehabilitate is the way to heal the world.

When all the MOTHERS OF THE WORLD understand and ban emotions like hatred and revenge, murders will stop happening automatically. This should be the philosophy of every mother.

Babies of the world are crying for food, affection, respect, love, security, and education. All you need to do is just celebrate every child's birth and pledge to offer his or her dues. If this is universal promise, this world will be healed in just another twenty years. Kindly share this sacred secret to all, good or bad. All is yours in some way or the other. Each one of us is a victim or god of the circumstances. Share the knowledge.

There is only one single brand of air in this universe that is consumed by all of us and the same air travels through each and every lung of this universe, it is not
branded separately for different classes or cultures. Then how can any one be different and superior ?

The wars are due to the notion, that you are different and special, only ideologically different.

So that means the term for everything together, everyone together, every species together, everything known to us and unknown to us is God. So let us accept the fact that we are limited in our knowledge and humble ourselves. We in this world belong to one solar system and our knowledge is limited to this solar system as of now. That is the precise reason why enlightened wise men do not define the term "enlightenment".

The two major issues which is keeping the world divided ideologically is as given below.

1. If code of conduct is broken by an individual how does society deal with it?

2. How does man relates himself with the women?

3. Invention of money and the effects of lending and borrowing.


Limited forgiveness and rehabilitation.

Women are given every possible importance and some times the status of goddess. This ideology is oldest . Trade was in barter during that time. So people were worshiping work and action.

Ideology .2

Unlimited forgiveness and rehabilitation

Ideology of unlimited forgiveness to all makes place for woman to have equal importance

It was believed hording as sin but there was no punishment as such.

Ideology .3

No forgiveness at all. Importance to man as primary and he is supposed to take care of his women as per his designs, abilities and convenience

It’s believed as the worst sin and condemned.

There is a need to tell this truth as bold as you can, loud and clear whenever and wherever possible. Invent the universal code of conduct.

All ideologies are beautiful in its own intention. But perceptions are not the same. So some where, there is emotions of hate is getting encouraged due to misunderstanding of ideology and desperate act to improve the world by extreme means is what is ideological human bombs all about, but they are as innocent as any one else. So forgiveness and rehabilitation is sole answer to this menace and this sole formula to heal the world.
Philosophy is the father of all subjects. Psychology is the mother of all subjects. Together all harmonises.

With warm regards.

P. Vasantha Machaiah.