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I read with interest an article in Business World about the current popularity of prefrbricated structures in building modern plants. It is argued that the modules pre fabricated at plants elsewhere could be assembled in no time and the construction time as well as cost comes down considerably. It is said that this trend is yet to catch up in housing sector and it could because of constraints in finance and time limits which hurt large scale rural or urban housing projects both in public and private sectors.

The big thing in construction was the multi storyed flat system which increased dwellings in a given area manifold as the multi story buildings could accomodate more no of families in a given area. This brought down stamp duty revenues for the Government for always the owner of the flat paid only for the undivided portion of the land of the flat as value for land which attracts stamp duty and later on they enter in to an agreement with the builder to construct a house with 1/2/3 bed rooms hall and kitchen etc. Even High courts have held this valid.

Construction Industry is where today millions of rural migrants are working and depend for a living. The pre fab technology once gets accepted in housing sector could spell a doom on the livilihoods of these million people who would be thrown to wolves. People cry about pink slips in IT ITES but when it comes to rural poor, no tears will be shed.

Technology should be of help to people and it is time we thought about the miseiries such transformational technologies could bring in to poor people in this country. This could be collosal as big as the displacement of labor in handloom industry when powerlooms emerged. Our planners better find a solution to this problem and address the issue of largescale displacement of labor.