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Yet again Maoists  have struck in Odisha and in Chatissgarh kidnapping Tourists, MLA and a District collector.  A panic stricken Odisha Government who waxed eloquent about encroachment of state rights while opposing NCTCbillm arranged for mediation with terrorists for exchange of Maoist prisoners some of them booked for serious offences. Chattisgarh is infamous for naxalite infection  and the scar of Dantewada still remains when an entire police force was ambushed by Maoists mines. At that time Union Home Minister  P Chidambaram lamented that he was acting with a limited mandate by CCPA with his request for using Airforce to flush hideouts of Maoists turned out by both the Prime Minister and Defence Minister who argued that Military should not be used for fighting with its own people. It was as if Military has never been called to fight insurgency.

Had the cabinet acceded to Home Minister's request then, he would certainly have finished them off as SS Ray did when flushing out Charu Mazumdar led Naxals in West Bengal. But that would have enhanced his image which was not to the liking of our dear Prime Minister who has proved to be a better schemer and conspirator than his mentor PV Narasimha Rao.

Media reports the opposition to NCTC by non Congress CMs on the overstated encroachment on States rights under the federal constitution, should also report the incapacity of the states to fight terror as they are ill equipped.All State police is used by ruling parties to fix opposition and are ineffective while dealing with terror. elite forces such as ATS have also miserably failed in tackling terror related issues. Jayalalitha while she was CM questioned as to whether BSF landed from heavens when adjoining state of Karanataka sought the help of BSF in combing operations against Veerappan. The arrogance of regional parties have eroded our governance and we see a huge amount of trust and governance deficit today in UPA-II.

A bureaucrat turned PM unleashes machinations by his own babus to fix his own ministers. Montek Singh Ahuluwalia and Kausik Basu make utterances on policy issues with no constitutional or legislative mandate. Any one remembers the headless chickens comments of Ronen Sen? The urbanised and arrogant babus have hijacked democracy. Kausik Basu should restrain himself from advising his boss who is the constitutional head with legislative mandate to comment on policies their adequacies and inadequacies. May be he could write down in his memoirs after demitting office. But today bureaucrats have extended assignments. Sivasankar Menon,Nirupama Rao, Narayanan, all of them draw pay cheques from the exchequer for no meaningful contribution to the nation., This is when we talk about demographic dividend when the youth of the nation is searching for opportunities and fall a prey to unemployment doles. God  save India