Thoughts Are Magical
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editricon Thoughts are Magical

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Most people don't know what they think about during the day, but those very thoughts that you have everyday shape and create your life. Being aware of your thoughts, knowing what you're thinking about is crucial to your success, because what you think about regularly and repeatedly is what your subconscious goes out and creates. Everyday most people think about what they have to do, why things didn't work out, why things may have gone wrong, what somebody said or did, they focus on the past, worry about the future... and the list goes on... but most of these thoughts are really useless.

Your thoughts can be magical, they can create wonderful events, attract terrific people and situations and allow you to improve your life so that you no longer have to worry, stress, or be concerned about the future. Your thoughts are picked up by your subconscious mind. Thoughts that you focus on regularly, lead to beliefs. These beliefs are planted on your subconscious mind like instructions inserted into a computer.

Your subconscious then goes out and attracts the people, situations, opportunities based on those beliefs. Start tracking your daily thoughts. Change thoughts that don't work for you. Create thoughts that focus on your positive qualities and on the results that you want. If you're worrying about something, focus or think about finding solutions. If you're thinking about the past, let it go and think about what you want now. Whatever it is that's holding you back, change the thoughts surrounding it. You're in charge of your mind and you can choose to keep certain thoughts, change them or create new thoughts. When you have a new and positive belief system you'll begin to see changes. You'll know because life will be much different and much better.