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Last few months have been turbulent for our Planning commission. Its celebrated Deputy Chairman Dr.Montek Singh Ahuluwalia, an economist of ...more>>
Our Planning has been urban centric in the recent past with more and more money put on improving urban infra structure to please multi natio ...more>>
Yet again Maoists  have struck in Odisha and in Chatissgarh kidnapping Tourists, MLA and a District collector.  A panic stricken O ...more>>
If you get Rahul Dravid that is great, if you get Sachin that is brilliant if you get Laxman that is a miracle" One of the all time ...more>>
  People are now enthused about the possibility of Narendra Modi being sworn in as India’s next Prime minister which his fanatic ...more>>
The Rail mantri Sri Suresh Prabhu is a chartered Accountant by training and a man rated highly for his integrity. Added to this he is a GSB( ...more>>
The buzz in the twitter world is the resources generated through auctioning of spectrum and coal mines in excess of Rs. 3 trillion, which ot ...more>>
Annual Budgets are only statements of intent by Governments but create so much hype around the allocations fulfillment of many wish lists ...more>>
A CBI court has issued summons to the former Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh to appear before it in the case of allotment of coal mines t ...more>>
following massive defeat in Lok Sabha polls and subsequent reverses in Assembly polls elsewhere, Indian National Congress is gripped in self ...more>>
Indian Media especially visual media has been in the forefront of exposures of corrupt deals and has done a great favor by their continuous ...more>>
Some times I feel sorry for Rahul Gandhi, the scion of Gandhi Nehru family. If Rajiv ushered in a fresh air when he took over the mantle ...more>>
The country is now run by aspitational class of upper middle class youth gainfully employed in sunrise sector with little or no productivity ...more>>
For too long, there has been a raging debate about extending help through affirmative action to ensure that sections of soceity which has be ...more>>
To be honest I am not an admirer of Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi whom I see as an ideological challenge to the pluralstic state o ...more>>
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