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Looking at the recent eventuality in Mumbai when Anna Hazare went on to another round of fasting. So many questions arises in the minds of c ...more>>
For century mankind is busy in earning and acquiring more and further more. Till date hardly few human beings on the earth said enough is en ...more>>
In our life we have to pass through countless challenges whether it is social life or the professional life challenges are there and it keep ...more>>
We are used to do so many resolutions even without thinking whether it really meant to us. It has been a tradition for most of us to do new ...more>>
We have heard that, one need to concentrate on the task one does, so one can get desired result.Good, we all accept this fact but how many o ...more>>
Life demands more, sometime extremely more from some people. But one has to face every circumstance there is no choice! It could be you, me ...more>>
I with all my conscious and desire say that it is the preparedness of an individual to keep aside his /her intelligence and his cleverness t ...more>>
Most of the time and most of us these days run after qualification, higher qualification. Obviously it is the reality and there is no argume ...more>>
For last two decades I used to hear mixed reaction from the Indian population. Some says advertising is extremely necessary and few say it i ...more>>
There has been challenge, challenge and challenge in everyone life. Fad up of it right! Now do exactly the reverse, easy, easy, easy life! W ...more>>
Here I would like to share some novel thoughts which took a shape in the form of a platform called Resilience Creatives. The Whole Idea beh ...more>>
Ya, it is really strange that we all are busy in our daily chorus to meet our ends, especially the middle class and one man out there from u ...more>>
Hardly any one is unaware about the proverb. But what if we know it, does it really have any significance to our life, if no then forget it ...more>>
When we think about educating our children or educating our self, most of us have a notion that with the help of so and so education we will ...more>>
Yes it is a quality which makes all of us successful in our respective field, but actually how many of us adhere to this truth! Very few ind ...more>>
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