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Dear Friends It's been long since you heard from me. Hope you all are doing good and have taken advantage of what you read from my previous ...more>>
Dear Friends Close your mind from everything while reading this. Take a couple of deep breaths, relax and calm your body. Be more comfortab ...more>>
Dear FriendsIn the last few blogs I mentioned about success and how to become successful. Some friends wrote back to me asking how to come ...more>>
Hi Friends, Do you want to be successful in life? Do you want to marry the girl/boy you have a crush on? Do you want to own a Multi-nationa ...more>>
In the modern business word CUSTOMER has always been the KING. Though corporates are spending millions of dollars to understand their crazy ...more>>
There are many write ups on work life balance and how professionals should have a healthy work and personal life by balancing both. It is a ...more>>
I know you may not be happy reading this, but this could happen in any organization. You may notice this if you watch closely. Do not take t ...more>>
Application blanks and pre-interview screening are not the only instrument to eliminate candidates from a job. Even certain interview ques ...more>>
Recently I received a survey questioneer from a management student who was trying to understand more on Human Resource Business Partnering ...more>>
Company Policies Maual is the Bible for all Management professionals that helps in decision making. But at times the policy itself becomes a ...more>>
Whether in the United States or India, all Management Professionals need to handle Problem employees everyday in their work life. Here is ...more>>
Managers on their daily life need to take decisions that has great influence on the business and their performance. Here is one Case Study ...more>>
Dear Management team (Corporate and Business Schools) I start this message with what Benjamin Franklin has said. Tell me and I forget ...more>>
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