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HR Professional USA
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It is hard to believe, but the truth is that life has only two choices. One may say that he/she has many choices, they are not choices but opportunities. I was also thinking on this for quiet some time and slowly beginning to realize this truth in life. You may accept or not but the truth is the truth.

After spending some time thinking on this, I realized why some are successful and many are not. I think successful people choose the positive side of their choice while others choose the negative side. If we relate this to our daily life we get to see these two choices on all our activities. I was discussing this with my friend and he was not ready to accept my ideology. He wanted to bring an example of his own by saying he had 5 employment offers in hand and was struggling to make a decision which he thought were choices. I argued with him saying that they are 5 opportunities and the choice could only be two, you 'accept' or 'reject'. He was still not convinced, so I decided to take him step by step. I took 5 piece of paper that pretended to be his 5 offer letters. I showed him the first one and asked him what he did with that offer, he said, he did not want to take it. Here he actually had only two choice, “accept” or “reject” and he rejected this one. He said ‘Yes’ to one of the 5 papers, which means he “accepted” that offer.

Who else can create our destiny other than ourselves? The Universe provides all the opportunities and we choose to live the way we want. Believers on Universal Law will say that anything can be achieved by positive vibrations and attracting them from the Universe. Spiritual leaders say by faith one can achieve anything. Both of them are right if you believe in it. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you believe you can or can’t, you are right” Make the right choice in your life and when you believe on it you become one of it. There is a usual question about wealth and riches, why the poor is always poor and the rich are becoming richer. The answer is simple. The poor keeps thinking that he/she is poor and the rich keeps thinking that he/she is rich. The way they choose to think about themselves makes the difference. They become what they choose without knowing who much damage or good they bring to their lives.

Start everyday with right positive choices. Whenever you enter into negativity, quickly come out of it by telling yourself that you choose not to be unhappy or so. Ask yourself as many questions as you can and always choose the good ones. See the change you become in your life. God created you and you create your destiny. Remember, the choices in life are only two. Let us choose to live the life we always wanted to be.

You have only two choices now………agree with me or not.

Joy Leo