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I am writing this article due to influence of one blog which I just read.  That blog was written in a very simple language but the issue on which blog were written is the biggest issue on which no one is talking.

Reservation at the time of Elections:-

Why the state or central government raised the issue of reservation at the time of election. The recent example which we have seen was in U.P. This time Mayawati raised the issue of reservation for the Muslims. Before this election she was always fought the election by keeping the Dalit’s as a backbone.

Long-Term effects:-

Similar many cases we can see. This is the story of every state which indirectly affecting the each sector of the country whether its economy or mentality of the people. Giving reservation is indirectly making people beggars. This is decreasing the capability of the people. This is also making the differences in between the different castes. Now each caste is looking for reservation or abusing the other reserved caste. It is also growing the violence on the name of caste.


The solution can’t be very simple because in this whole nation is involved so someone like Anna ji have to come forward which can fake up this nation. Otherwise this nation can’t be a happy and developed nation.

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