Summer Sports And Fitness In The Top Ten Considerations
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Summer sports and fitness in the Top Ten Considerations

1.Wearing cotton clothes
Light-colored clothing can reduce the absorption of heat, wear relatively cool; dark colored clothing absorbs more heat, wear relatively hot. Cotton fabric through heat, sweat better than chemical products. So, summer sports dress with light colored cotton for the best, the more relaxed style, better thermal performance, the lighter the color, the less likely endothermic.

2.Morning premature
Summer dawn earlier, there are many people who are accustomed to doing morning exercises at dawn to go exercise. But not too early morning exercise, so as not to affect the normal sleep.

3.Avoid direct sunlight
Summer daily 11:00 to 16:00 is ultraviolet, infrared, when the strongest. Ultra-violet rays can cause skin and eye damage, and can cause skin cancer. The prolonged exposure to infrared temperature rise can intracranial meningeal inflammation occurs sunstroke. So you should avoid the sun when outdoors sport strongest, but can not bare upper body movement.

4.Control exercise intensity
Summer of human energy consumption is large, but also to control the intensity of exercise. Once the symptoms of heat stroke, immediately to cool and ventilated place to sit down, drink some cold salt water, fresh air, in the head or forehead, etc. armpit be cold. When there are dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, can take Dan, Dishui etc. Qushu drugs. If still not improve after treatment, seek medical attention immediately.

5.Early hydration
Summer temperatures are high, a lot of games so water loss in the body faster, therefore, recommended that half an hour before drinking 800 ml of water sports. If outdoor sports for more than 30 minutes or more, be sure to bring a bottle of water, it is better to supplement salt.paiyouji

6.Reasonable food intake
One hour before exercise, to eat the staple food or fruit to prevent calorie intake is too low, resulting in poor physical.

7.Timely and appropriate amount of water
Summer sports sweating, loss of a large amount of salt, easy to make cell osmotic pressure, resulting in sodium metabolism disorders, cramps and other phenomena. So, summer sports replenish moisture is very important. The best way is to pay a few times, the movement of water 150-200 ml every 10-15 minutes. But do not drink sweet drinks to avoid increasing the burden on the stomach. After exercise should also replenish moisture, but do not drink too much time, binge drinking will increase the burden on the heart.

8.Do not use cold cool
Some people used to eat cold drink after exercise. In fact, eating cold at high body temperature conditions will hurt the stomach. This is because the movement of the muscles and large blood flocked surface, and the digestive system in a relatively anemic state, then not only will reduce the consumption of a large number of cold temperature of the stomach, but also dilute the juice, so that the physiological function of the stomach damage, light can cause indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, acute gastroenteritis, also may be severe after suffering from chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, laying the seeds. Dilute brine temperature after exercise is the best drink.

9.Do not shower immediately
After the full body movement will sweating, the body's pores are open. If you then suddenly cold water body, can cause colds, fever. And the shower does not help the muscles relax, but will make the muscles more tense. The correct way is to have done so on the body sweat, and then warm shower, the water temperature should be higher than the temperature 1-2 ℃.

10.heatstroke measures
If you do outdoor sports, it is best to wear sports sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen to prevent UV rub on the invasion and bring cool oil, Huoxiangzhengqi (pills) to prevent heat stroke.