Science Swim, Not Only Lose Weight But Also Can Keep
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Science swim, not only lose weight but also can keep

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1.Swimming energy consumption is large. This is due to the resistance of the water when swimming is much greater than air resistance movement on land, in the water all around effortlessly, then swim to swim, definitely consume more calories. Meanwhile, the thermal conductivity of water 24 times greater than air, the water temperature is generally lower than the temperature, which is conducive to heat and heat consumption. Therefore, the energy consumption compared to swimming and other onshore projects running large lot, so weight loss is more obvious.

2.Lower limbs and waist movement to avoid injury. When land-based exercise to lose weight, because obesity great weight, and the body (especially the lower limbs and waist) to bear a large gravity load, so that reduced exercise capacity, fatigue, weight loss exercise is greatly reduced so that interest can damage lower extremity joints and bones. While swimming in the water, the weight of obese people is a considerable part of the buoyancy of water bear, leg and waist are therefore much easier, joints and bones dangerous injury is greatly reduced.

3.Enjoy the natural massage: swimming, water buoyancy, resistance and pressure on the human body is an excellent massage on the skin can also play the role of beauty.

Bring the benefits of swimming weight loss:
People drag in the water than on land activities 12 times, hands and feet in the water sports, you will be able to feel the strong resistance, so the back, chest, abdomen, buttocks and leg muscles were able to get a good swim exercise, swimming athletes distinct muscles that line, is the best evidence. Swimming is also a fierce campaign, the rate of heat transfer and water faster than air, which means the loss of heat in the water speed quickly, a lot of heat will consume them in swimming. Those excess body fat, also quietly, "dissolved in the water."