Everyone Is In Sales. What Do You Sell?
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Everyone is in sales. What do you sell?

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Senior Software Manager
Shocking? You think you are a professional and have a great job. You shy away from sales and marketing domain areas.

However we do need to open our eyes mind and thinking to the fact that each & everyone of us is in SALES. What we sell and what we trade, what items we exchange brings in the difference to our lives and the lives of our dear ones.

Software, IT Professionals: We sell our skills, our expertise in software development ... as we go up the ladder we showcase our leadership, people management, software CMMi, PMP skills ... to get a promotion we need to give a good write-up about our achivements: its all a matter of presentation ... have u heard such ideas before?

Managers, Sales, Marketing Departments: project pre-sales, customer discussions, showcase suitable resumes ... all these are actually sales tasks

Freshers: most pitiable category in todays fast moving world. Industry wants experience and expertise ... profile writing, resume wordings, interview, Group Discussions: u name the activity ... to get the first job ... a lot of sales tasks need to be completed. Unfortunately no one teaches these topics in college.

Should we not then focus on improving our skills in SALES? What is a sale? A sale is an exchange of goods between 2 parties ... where one party needs the goods and the other has the money to pay for it.

Why does the person part with money? Only because someone has the solution he needs. Be a solution finder, a helping hand, a facilitator ... and u will find as much money as u need.

You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want. ~ Zig Ziglar

Train yourself to be Great in Sales ... Be a Solutions Provider ... and Success will follow