The Tunnel Of Darkness Is Abysmal
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The tunnel of darkness is abysmal

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The people in India have Hobson’s choice when it comes to zeroing on political alternatives. In fact today there is no alternative political party fit to win public trust & confidence and run the country in conformity with the true spirit of the Constitution. All the regional parties are either corrupt or are gangs of waseypur. The national parties are no better either. The current situation is despondent, pessimistic, somber and ominous. Yesterday the BJP inveigled by its poster boy Narendra Modi has admitted a Gujarat goon Radadiya who was jettisoned by the Congress for brandishing gun at bridge toll employees. The country should get rid of the Congress, BJP, Aam Admi Party( nothing aam only a bunch of khas riding helpless mango people) and the regional scoundrels in form of parties.