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Success of Education

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HR Professional USA
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Dear Management team (Corporate and Business Schools)

I start this message with what Benjamin Franklin has said.

  • Tell me and I forget
  • Teach me and I remember
  • Involve me and I learn

Can today's successful entrepreneurs credit their success to what they learnt in their school or college? There is no doubt that all of us give due respect to our teachers and professors. This is due to the core values that we carry in our culture system. Can a Operations Manager say that he/she learnt how to handle a 10 crore budget from his/her management school? OR Can a Human Resource Professional say that he/she learnt how to handle a problem employee from his/her Master's program? If the answer is "YES" then freshers who come out of college will not find it difficult to get a job. If the answer is "NO" then it is time to think on what we need to do.

As quoted from Benjamin Franklin students should be involved on what they will be doing in the future, NOW. I recently visited one of the leading Business Schools in a foreign country and found that teacher and students discuss a actual problem that one of the big corporate is facing to find a solution. Out of curiosity I enquired and found that a couple of students agreed to help a leading IT firm on managing relocation and employee movement efficiently with low cost. Another set of students help a department store to decide what is profitable, should they stay in business or wind-up, if they need to stay what they have to do. Two other students are helping a local school administration to introduce quality education (they have also involved the entire city community in the process). This is not their project work or thesis or intership, this is how they learn everyday in their class. This is how Business schools teach in this country to make students aware of the real time problems they will be facing and how they can find a situation. They bring the actual problem to their classes for discussion and share their findings/solutions with the management.

It would be a good practice if teachers and students bring in case studies from corporates to their classes and try to find out solutions for that. It is the responsibility of both Corporates and Institutes to build future Managers and Executives by becoming partners. Corporates should become more confident on sharing their concerns with business schools and business schools should build that trust that they can provide results. This will allow businesses to concentrate more on their production and business schools to produce more efficient and competative work force for the future.

Joy Leo