Navarasa & Emotional Intelligence: Just Provoking The Thinking!
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Navarasa & Emotional Intelligence: Just provoking the thinking!

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Is Emotional Intelligence a new area? No it's not! Though now Emotional Intelligence is getting all the more focus in Leadership, it has been there in India from the Ancient times.

Emotional Intelligence speaks about five major parameters, contributing to intra and inter relationship. The way we handle our emotions positively to benefit from it, and the way we handle our and others' emotions positively to build a relationship.

A rasa (Sanskrit: Ras lit. 'juice' or 'essence') denotes an essential mental state or the dominant emotional theme of a work of art or the primary feeling that is evoked in the person that views, reads or hears.

The nine rasas, or sentiments, are the earth of our emotional lives. For at all times, we are feeling one or the other of these responses—we are reacting in the emotional language of the rasas. Literally, rasa is essence, the juice of life. As we begin our journey into this world, one of the first things we do is populate our world with rasas. The rasas keep adding up and gets compounded as a person grows older. As we mature, our personality begins to display an entire range of rasas.

The nine rasas of ancient Indian thought are: shringara (erotic love), karuna (compassion), shant (peace, equanimity), hasya (laughter, mirth), veer (valour, heroism), bhaya (fear), vibhatsa (disgust) and raudra (anger, fury), adbhuta (awe, wonderment). Our emotional lives are so rich that it might seem impossible to shrink everything into nine categories. These are the broad categories of emotional states...most of these the same as that we speak today!

Navrasa also speaks about emotional imbalances in rasas that might lead to negative output..the same as what emotional intelliegnce speaks!! It further goes on to detailing that being able to be aware of our emotions, and working towards transforming the negative energy into positive is how anyone could reach a balanced state, thus radiating positive energy, radiance and happiness- the very purpose of Emotional Intelligence Trainings..!