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Anna has toled that leaders of Congress Party has betrayed Anna Team on Jan Lokpal Bill and on saction of place for fast scheduled to commen ...more>>
http://callforjustice.in/entries/finance/financial-crisis-once-again-starts-from -america When rating of USA is downgraded from AAA to AA&nb ...more>>
CAG has pointed out accusing fingers towards Shiela Dikchit, Chief Minister of Delhi along with Kalmadi and his team for causing loss to the ...more>>
 Corrupt bank officials and corrupt politicians never own responsibility for bad consequences of bad decision taken by them and their fl ...more>>
When the Supreme Court rose to the occasion The Supreme Court has, with its latest set of rulings, observations and orders hauling up the g ...more>>
Public sector banks are passing through worst days because these banks are managed by team of corrupt officials. There is growing sickness i ...more>>
 Collected from Rediff .com on 20th July 2011 www.callforjustice.in Digvijaya singh and foot-in-mouth syndrome Congress General Sec ...more>>
It is necessary to create fear in the mind of evil doers by punishing top ranked corrupt officers and ministers who perpetrate evil work, ir ...more>>
Several members of Indian Muzahiddin and SIMI have been found involved in various terror attacks in the past. UPA Government led by Congress ...more>>
The time for restraint is over Collected from Rediff.com on 16th of July 2011 Written by : Vivek Gumaste If India is not to be reduced to ...more>>
Most of Heads of most of departments, Public Sector Undertakings and Public sector banks are cleaver, intelligent and said to be performer ...more>>
It is Manmohan's Reformation or deformation policy for Indian economy,GDP growth is for riches or poor,India needs capitalism of Manmohan Si ...more>>
When Nitish Kumar, chief Minister of Bihar had last year stopped release of MLA fund due to rampant corruption and misuse of MLA fund there ...more>>
  Lacs of cases against defaulters of the bank and against NPA borrowers have been filed in various local courts, district courts, Lok ...more>>
              &nbs p;          &bu ...more>>
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