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As usual, bankers have raised the issue of interest rate hike before RBI Governor and requested for a pause or stop on interest rate which h ...more>>
Great economists, Minister, RBI officials, media men, stock predictors, rating agencies and various types of analyst of banks are predicting ...more>>
This step of the government will have more bad results and add fuel to already burning banks Flattery by bank officials to ministers and off ...more>>
Idiots are now trying to show people of India that they are not divided, they committed fraud with the concurrence of all ministers, they co ...more>>
Hanging of Afzal Guru or Kasab will boost militancy, I am not telling, Mr. Omar Abdullah CM of J&K is telling so.   Hanging of as ...more>>
Public sector banks have already huge hidden stock of bad assets in their loan portfolio which were hidden for last so many years but which ...more>>
Mr. Chidambrum the central Home Minister has undoubtedly done something to secure the country from cross border terrorism and from naxal att ...more>>
Congress Party never answers questions asked by media on various charges of corruption against the government, ministers and political worke ...more>>
Arresting of Amar Singh and two other Ex-Members of Parliament of BJP is not absolute and perfect justice. Amar Singh acted as broker to mob ...more>>
Rahul Gandhi says; “even Lokpal may be corrupt”. Yes I agree that even Lokpal may be corrupt because he is after all a human b ...more>>
Government of India in the year 2008 and 2009 announced numerous stimulus packages to salvage not only banks but also the Indian economy as ...more>>
Asset quality in public sector banks have been going from bad to worse for last several years, and it is not a new phenomenon. Unfortunately ...more>>
Anna has backing of crores of people of India. But MPs of all parties hesitate to listen to what he and his team is saying, they (parliament ...more>>
Whenever Congress Party has come to power in India, leaders of the party has given much time on Muslim appeasement and character assassinati ...more>>
Thieves and corrupt politicians sitting in Parliament have been putting hurdles in passing of Lokpal bill for last forty years and  t ...more>>
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