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Death is Certain in Life,   Other than this Everything is Uncertain;   As such Uncertainty is the most Certain thing in Life.&nb ...more>>
Though volume of NPA in Public sector banks has been rising quarter after quarter ,RBI may be right in saying that volume of NPA in PSBs is ...more>>
Now at least after two decades say after 21 years , government has realized that fault in implementation of policy of reformation and libe ...more>>
In a country where elected representative worship persons like Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi all days and all nights, it ...more>>
Arvind Kejriwal or you may say Team Anna has rightly said that tainted Members of Parliament cannot help in making effective and hard laws. ...more>>
Arvind Kejriwal is absolutely correct in saying that one third of Members of Parliament are from criminal background and same is the posit ...more>>
Team Anna cannot achieve the desired target of making India Corruption free if they blame all political parties and blame the entire system. ...more>>
Banks were nationalized for making it accessible to weaker section of the society and to involve it in social banking but now they are trans ...more>>
A nice and praise worthy article  by Rajesh Goyal Executive Consultant,  collected from www.allbankingsolutions.com   ...more>>
When A Raja , telecom minister was exposed and when CAG told about loss of 170000 crores of rupees , government told that without A Raja pub ...more>>
Books are audited by incapable auditors, unwilled auditors and greedy Chartered accountants. In India where Chartered Accountants prepare ba ...more>>
Government invites Naxalites for dialogue, but hesitates to talk with Team Anna or Ramdeo.   Government do not hand Afzal or K ...more>>
Mr. Kapil Sibal (who used to assert ZERO loss in 2G scam and who has been consistently defending PM Manmohan Singh who is head of the cabine ...more>>
Performance linked wage structure or incentive linked lauch of products in private banks may be beneficial and may  prove moral booster ...more>>
  Members of Parliament and members of state assemblies quarrel like roadside children and throw chairs and mike in Parliament and in ...more>>
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