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Lalu is the product of JP movement but he dislikes Team Anna movement and says that Parliament is Supreme. People of India have sent Lalu Ya ...more>>
India is a democratic Country. Democracy is no more by the people, of the people and for the people. It is buy the people (when election is ...more>>
First Part    Debate on Loss on 2G Spectrum allocation   Advocates of Central Government are giving the logic that 2G ...more>>
With reference to new terms of promotion policy for bankers dictated by Ministry of Finance I would like to place my views for consideration ...more>>
Advocates of Congress Party are now talking of Supremacy of Parliamentary system and principles of Democracy and preaching sermons to Team A ...more>>
Why people do not revolt against corruption?          This refers to the opinion expressed by Mr. Swa ...more>>
The society is dominated by money power and muscle power and not by male, might is right. Everyone worship who is powerful, gender is irrele ...more>>
Bad Assets Hidden in Bank without Action from Bankers News item collected from Economic Times of 7th December 2011 http://m.economictimes ...more>>
People of India should condemn promoters of TV channels like NDTV who are celebrating today as Babri Masjid Demolition anniversary. Muslims ...more>>
Message for Chairman and Managing Director of all public sector banks:   One cannot cure disease merely by applying ointment on the s ...more>>
Kapil Sibal and his party seem to be very much perturbed on dirty messages and dirty photos of Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, Rahul, Digvijay ...more>>
   I had suggested many times on this forum and on many other forums that Ramdeo and Anna and their team should try to take the s ...more>>
Union Cabinet has decided to permit Foreign Direct Investment upto 51% in retail sector. When India got independence from Black rule of Brit ...more>>
  Slapping minister is condemnable. But this incident is enough to understand that anger against the government brewing in the minds o ...more>>
    Great economists like Manmohan Singh , Montek, Chidmabram, Pranab are making one after other promise and prediction to contr ...more>>
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