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Facts about India Recently I came across a blog, posted by Mr.Senthil Kumar. K in a social website, which had very amazing history fac ...more>>
MY INDIA IN MY MIND The soil which brought me out and waiting to take me in, anytime, I love for my birth here, in this land. A ...more>>
IT IS A SHAME TO INDIA It is a shame to India as she is unable to contain the atrocities on Indian fishermen and control Sri Lankan Navy on ...more>>
Political public meetings It is a big disturbance to the public who walk sides of the roads, school going children, office goers in bus, ca ...more>>
OPPRESSION People of low cast especially scheduled caste and scheduled tribe, once called as depressed class, had been oppressed by higher ...more>>
Need not. No necessity. Brutally and inhumanly killed by the Sri Lankan army within Sri Lanka are not Indian Nationals. India never supporte ...more>>
Let us learn lessons “Do your duty; do not expect fruits out of it” these Gita golden words have lost its value in this K ...more>>
WAR AND PEACE It won’t bring any surprise to the reader when the pages of history are turned from ancient time to till date because m ...more>>
NEED POWER PLANT? A PRAGMATIC APPROACH IS NEED OF THE HOUR Electric power is a growing need in a developing country like India to sus ...more>>
Dear Friend, Before ……. days, you were in the womb of your mother for 300 days. You do not know where you had been before 300 ...more>>
Human mind has the tendency to believe anything. In general, mankind has been nurtured by culture and society to believe anything. Mind is n ...more>>
A to Z Ways to improve PERSONALITY ALACRITY in learning BENIGNITY in approach CREDIBLITY in performance DEPENDABILITY in action ELIGIBI ...more>>
Matter can be neither created nor destroyed. Similarly, energy can be neither created nor destroyed but transformed from one form to another ...more>>
THE FUTURE CAR After the introduction of small car by Maruti Udyog, the small car segment took a turn around in the car market and need ...more>>
Dandruffchronically or as a result of certain head lice “. The term dandruff generally refers to the condition of the skin wherein shiny, ...more>>
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