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DAY 1472 Amitabh Bachchan Blog

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In the quiet of the night, after a day which brings you close but not close enough. That holds and embraces you with warmth, yet distances itself away from you. That listens and admires, suggests and insists. That appreciates with a kindness that is giving rather than taking. That brings joy and gratitude among all that they possess.

Such are the ones that make a day, an evening a night.

There are others too. Those that labor for a sighting at open doors and crowded hands. Who scream affection to elevated persona, who acknowledges and smiles and recognizes, but for the shortest time as ever. For, there is danger of crush and children and mothers. Those who despite warnings push through. They are large in density, and deep .. perhaps an indicator of recent likable events. Of Guns and Roses and wrong deeds. Of chasing the wrong shadow, and deliberations of planting trees where trees do not grow. Of time taken and time destroyed. Takes time to rid oneself of guilt and falsehood … but quieting the mind and the tongue, for systematic take overs to pass. Better this way.

When we scream and shout at whatever, we do so to those with shut ears. Opinion formed, isolation reached and the tar of the road that blackens the drive, strangely deposited, shall ever remain without destruction. Bearing and forbearance may differ in vocabulary dictum, but one, in standing together ; albeit in somewhat dismissive strain.


I am so I am. Far too many riddles in surroundings such as these, are not really the ultimate outcome that we desire. They are said yet unsaid – a state I wish to be in ! And dwell and suffer and prosper in my own hemisphere – a hemisphere devoid of any attachments …

There is posterity to acknowledge and the gone past, to be remembered. If I do not do it no one else shall. A disgrace that one would never like to attain or discard. Discard … yes. If there is little or no meaningful interest, it should be returned, or not given personal attention. A godly approach from the devil incarnate.


Ooooohhhhhh !! I shudder at my own sleeplessness. The body revolts as it were, desiring , moksh, salvation. There shall be quick redress to that which brought in the very bold uttering … but will there be time ?

Good night and may God, Allah and many other religions share their blessings to all and bring joy and honor ..

I shall remain, sound and mysterious …

Amitabh Bachchan