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DAY 1473 Amitabh Bachchan Blog

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The more I come to learn of the medical profession, the intricacies of the body, its behavior, the way it is constructed and operates, the more I begin to believe that those that have opportunity to study this phenomena and attend to it, to mend and repair, to give it new life … are in no way less than the creator ! We just function. They know why and how it functions. We use it because … well … we use it. But the medics know how it needs to be used, or to correct misuse. The intricacies of our system manufactured by nature, are so complicated that is it any wonder, that the birth of religion and prayer and the superior force took place ! It will be beyond imagination for a normal individual to fathom how what we consider to be normal functioning, actually functions. And how did the creator, or nature ever think up of this complicated machinery called the human. We shall never be able to find out. Nor shall we ever be able to completely know how the rest of nature functions and why.

We have two eyes, but we see one. Two nostrils but smell one. Two ears and listen one.


Being for too long in a profession has its miseries too. 43 years for me in this wonderful world, but each generation of the media needs answers to the same questions that they have been asking for the past 40 years. And each generation of media shall put it out as their amazing scoop of the moment, when indeed it has the leanings of being stale and rusted. Truth does not need to to be remembered – said once it stays said, unchanged. Its the lie that shall always have a problem.


The skyline of Mumbai changes rapidly. Modern urban construction sprouts its lofty head at every corner – modern, styled and remarkable in its concept. It may not be Shanghai, as predicted by many optimistically, but shall have always a rhyming resemblance – Mumbai ! What use would it be to build a contemporary sophisticated city, when the sense of civics is unattended to. Architectural beauty is a recognized science, but how does one train those that inhabit it to keep it so. We may manufacture the most modern automobiles and bring in the best from other lands to set in, but who and how do we train the traffic to run on a system. Who and how is the person walking up on the wrong side of a road with a mobile stuck to his neck, be told that they could get hit and suffer injury and that it is wrong to be doing what they are doing. Or that the plastic bag that you shall discard on the street without care of seeing it find a home in the waste, shall build pollution. The system must be entrusted with it. They have the power to do it. Yes, there are individual very laudable efforts too. Few and far. Talk about this on public platforms and be sure to receive cynical and laughable reactions. It requires mass reaction and involvement. Discipline is discipline. There can be no alternatives to it.

Follow, learn, obey, practice …

Amitabh Bachchan