Ambition, Stagnancy & Decision Making -
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Ambition, Stagnancy & Decision making -

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IT Professional & Educationist

Career for many is merely a boundation to do a job which earns them a descent living. Hardly do we come across people who actually make an ambition and accordingly work to achieve it. Ambition for many is a short term effort in doing a specific job.

Anyway, most of us are a part of a goal by accident rather than by choice. I think that the initial debate does end here and we do acclimatize to the atmosphere we have put ourselves in. No doubt, at one point of time, our prevailing profiles do sometimes make a way for an ultimate ambition and opens up a path of attaining a target.

It’s quite natural to reach a stage where things do look a little boring and we tend to wish of a task with much better challenges. This is the stage of Stagnancy.

It’s a stage when we have grown by age, in stature and in profile. With time, opportunities grow and choice refines. The burden of personal responsibilities does make a mark on our minds and has an absolute hand in decision making.

No doubt, growth follows those, who follow it.

But then, it does carry with it a considerable amount of Risk, which may actually destabilize a whole lot of things. Many of us do succumb to this pressure and hamper our growth prospects. Yeah, many of us do overcome this & make a way for ourselves.

Now it’s unto us to decide, on which side of the river we want to be.......