The Enigma Of Choice - A Perspective
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The Enigma Of Choice - A Perspective

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I was in a recent meeting with the CFO, the HR Director and the CEO of a large corporation and we were broadly discussing the state of affairs so as to speak when suddenly the CFO said "I do not understand why people are grumbling ( obviously referring to the state of affairs at the company), don't they make a choice when they join the company and choose to be with the company ?

He addressed the question to me as he uses me as a sounding board for his thoughts ... that set me thinking many of us leverage the power of choice .. for some aspects in life, we make choices - wanting the best mobile phone, wanting a good house in a great locality etc but for some other aspects we forget the choice factor ... especially in terms of the choice of work or organization.

I come across so many individuals who come to me for advice and career coaching and gripe to me about what happens at their workplace and how their boss is not capable, their work environment is really bad etc etc and some even go further and share that their health is affected and I ask them ... is that not a choice you made ?? You chose the organization you work with, you chose your workplace ?

It is sometimes fascinating to hear individuals say that this was their dream job and yet in a few months .their dreams seem to melt away ... there could be many genuine reasons for the same but I am presuming that it was a conscious choice made to join the particular organization and research should have been done before jumping ship and joining the other organization.... You made a choice and you have to live with the consequences of the choice you make .. If the workplace is as bad as you make it to be, then you will need to work out a plan B since that is also a choice you will have to make?

Choice is not enigmatic that manifests itself only for certain things ?

Make sure you know what you want and take action and make a choice ...