Why Italy Is The Most Beautiful Country On Earth?
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Why Italy Is The Most Beautiful Country On Earth?

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Why travel Italy

There are so many countries in this world so calling Italy the most beautiful may come as a surprise. On the second thought, it shouldn’t be a shocker since out of all the world heritage sites, 44 are in Italy. Covered in a long history and myths, Italy was the origin for one of the largest ruling empire, Romans.

Roman Empire contributed in the evolution and progression of the societies in the west, it’s a fact that cannot be denied. As an outcome, its essence has been felt across the world; be its neck turning sophisticated architecture, amazing cuisines and palate bathing wines. Even the automobile stuff coming out of the country has a class of their own. You take Ferrari, Ducati, MV Agusta, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Aprilia and more.

No matter what others debate, the charisma surrounding Italy and aura local people give is enough to melt a heart. If it’s still not convincing enough, Mohit Bansal Chandigarh, a photographer who travels through world for one perfect click will convince you why it has to be. 

Starting off with Italy’s geography. The country comprise of 20 regions out of which 5 are autonomous. The total area occupied is 294,020 sq.km.

What Makes Italy Beautiful?

Valle d’Aosta

Valle d Aosta

If you head north in Italy, you’ll find the hypnotic mountainous region known as Valle d’Aosta. It’s popular for the majestic snow peak ridges surrounding a lake and bright green forest. You can find one of the amazing ski resorts there with direct access to the snow filled trails. An attraction for snowboarders and skiers, this spot in particular is haven for tourists looking for something spectacular. Some even claim the ski point here in Italy is on par with most of the European regions. The classic slopes full of Dolomites and extreme routes have been attracting athletes looking to do something like point break.



If you never been to Venice you probably will never know what a mythical city looks and feels like. The whole area is a world heritage site. The floating city has been touted as the most beautiful built by a man ever. Floating over 117 tiny islets, the whole city is interconnected. It’s one of a kind city in the world and no other place matches the complexity and precision of Venice. The canals that flows the heart of city is mean of transportation used. Its romantic and even thrilling ride gondolas and buy stuff on route. You don’t get such experience in many places.



Tuscany is situated in the middle of the country with Marche and Umbria on either side. Mostly acknowledged for the land fertility, huge valleys and rolling hills with a green sheet of nature. The courtesy to make Tuscany famous goes to the native and global artists such as Galileo, Michelangelo, Puccini,  Leo Da Vinci and many more. They portrayed tuscany as per their imagination, perhaps it was hard for themselves to comprehend the beauty Tuscany inherited. Furthermore, this place in particular is home to hundreds of natural reserves, a number of world heritage sites and world class wines.



moA city with more than two thousand years of history resides in the Lazio region. Italy’s capital was the place where one of most powerful empires rose and stayed for 700 years. No matter which corner of the city you visit, everything there in Rome breathes its proud and vast history. Actually you feel it inside the body, a chill never felt before, facing the strength and colossal monuments echoing. These monuments are the exact spot where you can witness the modern world contacting the ancient past, the fusion is what will take your breath away. It's a grand metropolis like no other. You see street performers exhibiting their raw talent, people cladded in sharp and trendy clothing and a backdrop that compliments the whole surrounding.

Sardinia And Sicily


To the south of Italy are the two islands going by the name Sardinia and Sicily. For people who prefer solitude over crowd, these couplets are perfect. The northern region is particularly too noisy and not everyone has a liking for that but looks like Italy has places for lone rangers as well. The comparatively large land area is under possession by only a fraction of the Italy population. A lot of people who come to Italy are often trapped in the cities of ROme or Venice and Florence that they forget the serene beaches of the Sardinia and Sicily.

You are dared to visit these places and other parts of the world and if you could say Italy isn’t the most beautiful, well, then you probably didn’t realize what you missed.