4 Reasons Why Your Next Mediterranean Vacation Needs To Be At Tel Aviv
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4 Reasons why your Next Mediterranean Vacation Needs to be at Tel Aviv

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When ever you picture Jerusalem in your minds, it is very easy to associate immediately with all the turmoil occuring in Jerusalem and the conflicting ideologies which always keep dominating the headlines. However only a 45-minute bus ride from the capital will take to an amazing destination called Tel Aviv, which is a bustling and booming cosmopolitan city located on the Mediterranean coastline. Majority of the tourists find Tel Aviv to be the most convenient place for a beach day as it is a soaring metropolis for food, art, nightlife and fashion.

Once you visit Tel Aviv, you will feel it’s a secular world which is completely separated from Israel but it is sad to note that it is still part of the country which is at war. This city has also withstood more than a dozen suicide bombings and terror attacks since its birth. Hence, if you’re someone who has already booked your Tel Aviv flights and you’re looking forward to know some reasons to visit, here are few you should consider.

#1: They have a specific night which is devoted to partying

Tel Aviv is a city which is revered for its heavy party scene as locals usually flock to nightclubs and bars along the post. But once in a year, during the months of summer, the clubs start pouring into the streets of Tel Aviv to commemorate their White Night celebration. For this night, galleries, museums, bars, restaurants and clubs open their doors and keep open till morning to create an environment of 24-hour party.

#2: Tel Aviv is the best place for expats

While moving abroad, if you think that combating the barrier of language is a big issue for you. Tel Aviv will definitely be a breeze for you. Since this is a multi-cultural city, majority of the residents come from places like Australia, America, Asia and France. Most of the Israelis who live there are fluent in English and Tel Aviv also draws inspiration from metropolitan cities and is proud of its Italian restaurants and sushi bars.

#3: It focuses on the soaring LGBT population

The Huffington Post has announced Tel Aviv as the Manhattan of the Middle East and has voted it as the most popular city for gay travelers in a survey by American Airlines and GayCities.com. Tel Aviv is an extremely liberal city with growing support for the LGBT community. You will be rather surprised to know that the city holds a gay parade every summer. Although gay marriage isn’t still legal in Israel, gay and lesbian couples who have married abroad can register as married if they wish to relocate to this country.

#4: Tel Aviv is a paradise for music lovers

Majority of the bars in Tel Aviv, particularly the Americanized ones, motivate musicians to perform gigs. There are thousands of musicians who stroll around the city performing street shows. So, if you’re a music lover, this is the place for you!

In short, Tel Aviv is a city which is basically Miami Beach with few more Jews and with better natural views. There are some stunning beach-side views due to the Mediterranean Sea and being surrounded by tanned people and sandy beaches is indeed a great way of spending a vacation.