DAY 557 Amitabh Bachchan Blog
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DAY 557 Amitabh Bachchan Blog

When there is an honesty in revealing, it is disturbing to be struck down for being truthful.

If my honest description of religious routine for a particular day is not to be understood and criticized, then I shall remain with the routine and bid adieu to him that advises me against it.

That I visit a Muslim dargah and a Hindu temple has been viciously criticized by an unknown element on my mobile. He says it is incorrect of me to do so and that I should never do it again.

Well dear man, if you are reading this insignificant little blog of mine, here is what I have to say to you. I AM GOING TO DO IT AGAIN, AND SHALL CONTINUE TO DO IT. AND I WANT TO SEE HOW YOU ARE GOING TO STOP ME. IF YOU HAVE THE COURAGE AND GUTS COME AND GET ME.

I do have his mobile number and I do have a name too. I believe that there is no law that can protect such atrocious uttering. We live in a temperate secular society where we learn to respect all religions. My belief is of my own making. If the temple or the mosque or a dargah has no objection to my visits ; if my Constitution and the laws of the country give me that freedom and if I do not offend them, then who is this man to stop me or correct me ?

It is elements like this that penetrate the psyche of vulnerable and innocent people and subject them to unnecessary and unjustified bias. I strongly object to it and abhor the existence of such elements in society. This gentleman even threatens me by getting personal. He says that my film ‘Aladin’ shall not have success because of this deed of mine.

Let me first tell you dear brother that if the film has merit, no force on earth will be able to stop its worth. If the film is weak and does not have merit, no force on earth shall be able to make it a success. No prayers, no reviews nothing will be able to save it.

Secondly, at the cost of every film of mine failing, I am not going to change my routine. If I wish to go to a temple I shall go there. If I wish to go to a mosque I shall go there as well and so also to a gurudwara or a church. And I want to see who is going to stop me from doing so !!

It has been a tiring day at Bigg Boss. The act of seeing someone being evicted is not a pleasant task to perform. It is painful and disturbing. But nothing could be more disturbing than this obscure mobile message that challenges our very basics of a free and liberal society such as ours.

I am also excited about showing my extended family the first promo of ‘PAA’. I believe the formal launch for it takes place by the 6th of November, but I shall see if the FmXt can have a peak before. So till I can get the mechanics of that in place, let me catch some much needed sleep, disturbed as I am with this obscene mobile sermon !

Love to all

Amitabh Bachchan