DAY 558 Amitabh Bachchan Blog
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DAY 558 Amitabh Bachchan Blog

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‘Aladin’ is not garnering encouraging reviews and neither is it accommodating favorable reports. Some where that ‘zing’ of commerce and entertainment was missing is what the general opinion has been. There is the odd appreciation, but then it is as they say, odd. Life moves on and on to the next. This is the way of our existence and so shall it be.

Apart from the different ratings and the different comments about the review of the film, I did find one that interested me enough to make my observation. There were many that felt and did not hesitate in saying so that the performance of the Genie, Genius played by Amitabh Bachchan was too over the top, extraneous and to a large extent hammed. There was reference to kohl eyes, outlandish jackets and a demeanor that was not genie like.

I wish not to defend this observation. It is after all the view of a critic that gets the privilege of a few columns every Friday in the daily news paper.

I have just one question that comes to my mind. How many of these purveyors of film seen a Genie in real life, to be able to assuage what his appearance ought to be ? Just a random thought, not to be taken with any kind of ’ism’.

And while you battle with that one, I have great pleasure in putting out the first poster of ‘PAA’ -


There is as you notice a website for the film as well -, and it would be interesting for all that have interest in the product to visit it for all the information they may show interest in. Thank you.

Its been a tough day creatively. Dubbing for the above film has been most exacting and I wish somehow that we would have had sync sound facilities on the set. It would have saved me the effort of trying to re create the thrill of the original. One perseveres relentlessly and the next few days shall be a most concentrated and focussed avatar of your Head of Family.

We have also just brought in Aishwarya’s birthday and wished her love and happiness and a long prosperous life. It was just the family - Jaya having returned from Dhaka by late evening full of immense praise for the Bangladeshi hospitality and their warm and affectionate attitude for the duration of her stay. Thank you BanglaDesh, I do hope that I get an opportunity to visit your most interesting country soon.

Sanju and Manyata, dropped in late evening for a while and we spent some time chatting and showing them the promo of Paa, which I cannot put up before the 6th, the official release of the promotion date. So hang in till then and let me have your reactions to it.

My outburst on yesterdays incident created an instant media flurry. They felt they had a story and needed me to react or to find out if I had complained to the police or any other authority. I kept their queries in ‘My Folders’ and remained silent. Said gentleman of mobile sermon fame sent another one today, insisting that I had misunderstood him and that he had no intention to hurt me or my sentiments. He professed that after a visit to a dargah, it being a place of worship where those buried there were those that had passed away, there was an immediate need to take a bath to cleanse oneself before going to the temple. I could not understand what exactly he was trying to get at !! It almost made me feel that all my efforts were impure in one facility and pure in the other. Ridiculous and most annoying.

I have been unable to attend to 4838485 for a while and shall start again presently. For this delay I seek forgiveness and understanding.

But for now it is good night and shubh ratri …

Amitabh Bachchan